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Started on online classes yet unsure if you are doing the exercises correctly?

Or are you still looking for something effective and tailored for your home practice?

Making sure you’re doing the exercise correctly with the right form sounds great in theory, but as many of you may have experienced, it’s harder in real life when live streaming classes are packed and the instructors aren’t even looking at you. 

With BodyTree LIVE! Group classes, you can get the same attention from our highly qualified Pilates teachers as you would in our studio, while working out at home. 

Our Online live classes are uniquely designed by our teachers, marrying all their areas of expertise, to bring you a 55mins class that is packed with a punch. These classes fall under 2 categories: Movement Essentials & Movement Performance.

Movement Essentials

Improve your flexibility and strength in our Movement Essentials classes to correct your muscular imbalances. Classes in this category are focused on the necessary movements required for your daily activities, aimed at building a solid foundation in movement, posture and alignment through a series of progressive, safe and challenging workouts.

*These classes will be coded in green on our schedule.

Here are some examples of our Movement Essentials classes; 

  1. Stretch focused classes, eg. Stretch/Release, Slider/Tubing, Fletcher Towelwork & Floorwork
  2. Strengthening classes like Pilates Matwork, Barefoot Workout
  3. Themed classes such as Unwind Your Spine, Cat-like Spine Mobility

Movement Performance

In our Movement Performance classes, teachers will focus on enhancing your skills, building your strength, agility and power in your athletic training. 

*These classes will be coded in purple on our schedule.

And these are just some of the Movement Performance classes we have planned for you;

Eg. Stretch Flow, Beginner Handstand, Gymnastics HIIT, BarreCardio, Bulletproof Your Joints for HIIT, Pilates Sweat

As movement excellence and quality teaching is a hallmark of BodyTree Group, each class only has 9 places so that the teacher can ensure that all the students are moving well. Our classes only need a minimum of 1 sign up to start, and this has always been BodyTree’s commitment to you and your physical well-being. 

Also, for the 1st time ever, we are bringing you the classes designed by every sister company of BodyTree Group, all into 1 place, booked by the same package. These classes are created by:

BTG - BodyTree Group

PBT - Pilates BodyTree

BB - BodyTree Ballet

WW - BodyTree Women's Wellness

Find an online live class that is right for you.

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What our members say

“Adelind has many strengths - in particular she carefully observes each client’s individual needs and modifies the exercises appropriately for age, fitness level, medical condition, build etc. She doesn’t rely on a formula but always tries new techniques & equipment to keep the pilates moves from getting boring. And she’s always positive; fun to train with, never a dull moment!”

-Philip Fernandez

“Tabitha’s classes are a real joy to attend — she strikes the right balance between keeping things light and friendly, while also pushing us to work hard. She’s always mindful of the little things, like keeping things accessible for everyone in class, whether it’s by simplifying terminology or breaking down pieces step by step, when not everyone in class is able to follow complicated movements. She’s very real with her own struggles and challenges in her pilates journey, which reminds us all that learning is a lifelong process and there’s no shame at being weaker in certain movements while starting out."

-Usha Das

"Ruthlynn is a patient instructor who seeks to understand my needs and limitations. She would patiently explain and /or rephrase the instructions to me when I appear to have difficulties understanding / executing them. She often pauses to check if I am able to perform the exercises as intended. If for whatever reasons I was unable to, she was quick to adapt and modify them so as to help me to make small progression towards the actual piece. She has also been very encouraging in helping me see the small improvements that I have been making along the way. It has been great having her to guide me in the path of becoming more flexible and stronger."

-Jeannie Ho

“I’ve been taking private sessions and group classes with Priscilla for the past 1 year and 3 months. During this time, my physique has improved considerably, particularly all the problems associated with my flat feet. Walking long distances is no longer painful and I feel that I stand taller and sit taller. I feel that my private sessions are customised to my abilities, potential and my preferences, allowing me to tap on my strengths while working on my weaknesses. At each one of Priscilla’s sessions, I know that I will be worked hard and I also know that I will improve and learn something. It’s a session that I continue to look forward to every week. Thanks Priscilla!”

-Celine Oon

Its been about 6 months since I started pilates. It started out as a way to mend my arm but has quickly become 60 minutes which I look forward to every week. I’m curious about and motivated by how my body moves and I find it a great supplement to my runs and yoga practice. Much can be said about Peishan’s dedication, keen interest in my progress and attention to striking a fine balance between a session being as challenging as it is fun. However, in my opinion, Peishan’s greatest strength is that she is an excellent communicator. While the body is mine, senses have dulled and muscles have forgotten its full range from daily wear and tear. While a teacher can demonstrate what is expected, Peishan’s ability to draw analogies and give clear instructions make all the difference when it is my turn on the apparatus. I find each session efficient and fun.”


-Sze Cheng

“Thank You Jasmine for always being patient and attentive to all our individual needs. The past year has seen marked improvements in our general well-being. We feel that regular classes with you have made this possible. Your positive attitude and encouragement has pushed us beyond limits which we never knew we could achieve. With your dedication and passion, we are sure 2019 will be another great year !!” With love,

-The Cher Family